Wednesday, July 30

Jake Parker Sketchbook Dump

Hey guys, Jake here. Here's a dump of all the robots I've been drawing for the past couple months. I've been a long time contributor at NBM, but I tend to neglect the blog. I post mostly on the Facebook page.

In case you don't know know me, I'm an independent artist working out of my home studio in Utah. I do graphic novels, children's books, and concept art.

The past couple months I've been doing a webcomic called Skull Chaser. You might like it:

And my personal website:

Anyway, enjoy the dump!

Monday, July 28

BRIEGEL 1.3 -LEG - Nuthin' But Mech Site B

The latest model WIP by Luca Zampriolo

Mech Drawings

Hi Guys!

Here are some mech drawings that I did a while ago.
All fine liner on tracing paper.

Inc Robot Test images

Been working hard on my book project 'Inc" along with a good group of other talented artists, Here's a couple of test images. The whole robot will be revealed when the time is right.